Jumaat, 4 Mac 2011

weird of Lady Gaga

 Weird Lady Gaga... Oh Please close my eyes..

Most people look travel-worn by the time they embark off of a long haul flight and would hate nothing more than having their photograph taken.
But not Lady Gaga - she got off of her private jet today in Canada and went straight into a photo shoot on the tarmac.
The camera-ready singer had just arrived in Toronto from Paris where she strutted the catwalk at a Thierry Mugler runway show.

Gaga did not disappoint in her latest ensemble which was a cross between a Flashdance costume and rocker chic ensemble.
The 24-year-old wore her favourite heel-less leather boots which did a great balancing act on.
She wore purple tights which showed off her black thong underwear underneath and matching purple gloves.

A black leather side-less top finished off her look.
Her new hairstyle, which she is forever changing is now a blonde do with a heavy black fringe.

Gaga strutted down the stair of the private plane as photographer Terry Richardson captured her walking from the jet to her tour bus.
She will be performing at the Air Canada Centre tonight as part of her Monster Ball tour.
Gaga had strutted down the catwalk earlier this week for the stylish Nicola Formichetti collection as creative director of Thierry Mugler at Paris Fashion Week.

Gaga had worn a predictably outrageous outfit for her Thierry Mugler show, wearing a sheer black dress and military-inspired hat while making her entrance in a cloud of cigarette smoke.
The Born This Way Star had worn long blonde pigtails to strut like a pro to her forthcoming new single Government Hooker for Formichetti, the man behind her infamous meat dress.
The singer also released the video for her new single Born This Way this week.
In the provocative and risqué new clip, which is set in outer space, Gaga is seen to give birth to an unknown being, strips off to her underwear for a dance routine and gets dressed up as a skeleton in a suit.

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